Reverse Manufacturing

Our Reverse Manufacturing ensures compliance with the contract requirements and safety of our client’s products. GM&C has invested in the last 8 years in recycling lines capable of destroying and separating ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Currently our processing capacity is around 17.000 tonnes per year of green, brown and blue line products. Other special solutions
have been implemented in order to add value to the recycling chain, such as copper, brass, aluminum, and fine metals.

The residues generated at the end of the metal separation processes are sent to companies approved by our environmental area to be introduced again in the production chain for the transformation of new products. This is only possible with solutions or machines with high technology.

GM&C has a special solution developed in partnership with a German company, the only one in the world market able to separate paper, plastic, pvc and metal from credit cards, debit cards and cell phone chip sim cards. With this process 100% of the residues are recycled and zero landfill.

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